Business summary

  • restaurant
    We operate a restaurant business in Kyoto city, focusing on TexMex cuisine (Texan-style Mexican cuisine that has been introduced and established in Texas).
    Our project was founded by Ryota Kurokawa, a Japanese who spent his formative years in California and wanted to share his love for his favorite food, the burrito, with his home country. Since opening our doors in Kyoto, our burritos have become a sensation among people from all over the world, including executives of international hotel chains, university professors, researchers, cultural enthusiasts, and international students. Our cuisine has also become a delightful alternative for foreign tourists who may be looking for a change from Japanese food.
    Ryota's vision aligns perfectly with the international culture of Kyoto, and we have received rave reviews from many multinational customers who love our cuisine. The restaurant has become a hub for people from different backgrounds to gather and share their passion for TexMex food. Even famous professional sports players from Kobe and Osaka have joined our loyal customer base. We are confident that our TexMex cuisine and community will help promote diversity and enrich the cultural scene in Kyoto.

  • vegetable retailer &
    food ingredients supply
    We are engaged in the wholesale and retail business of fresh vegetables. In addition to common vegetables and fruits, we specialize in providing hard-to-find rare ingredients, particularly ethnic vegetables, and seasonal Kyoto vegetables that evoke the feeling of the season. We take pride in supplying ingredients to the discerning restaurants centered around Kyoto, working not only with local vegetable farmers but also with producers from Hokkaido Tokachi, Okinawa Miyako Island, and even Thailand and Vietnam. Our retail store is located in Kitayama, Kyoto (established in 1949), where we offer salads and deli products made with newly purchased vegetables.

    ----- Our thought -----

    Like in many other countries around the world, small local shops in Japan are being phased out. As a result, even when parents cook at home, they often buy semi-industrialized ingredients from large supermarkets without fully understanding the characteristics of the food they are purchasing and using.
    In the past, it was very common for people to have conversations with familiar store clerk when buying things, often exchanging jokes or talking about their children.
    In many regional cities in Japan, large shopping malls have been constructed in place of the once distinctive town shopping streets. As a result, many middle-class families now purchase the same items as others at these malls and dine at chain restaurants where the food tastes the same nationwide.
    We are concerned that with the increasing prevalence of this environment, opportunities for younger generation and children to encounter uniqueness and the people of the town will be lost, and they may lose the chance to find what they want to do in the future or to have dreams.
    Fortunately, in Kyoto, there is a strong culture of cherishing traditions and respecting individuality. Many restaurants and unique shops are also particular about using distinctive ingredients. We provide ingredients for such unique menus.
    In year 2020, to overcome this situation, we succeed a local grocery store established in year 1949 in Kyoto's Kitayama, which had been run by over 80 years old couple. We aimed to create an environment where people in the neighborhood could chat casually, just like in the previous generation. Now, we have started to attract customers from a generation that had previously only bought groceries from supermarkets.
  • IT & MEDIA
    We continue to provide IT services in the origin of our company's establishment, Silicon Valley, USA, and provide consulting on the architecture design of corporate information systems and management of development resources.

    We have established a new Media Creation Department. Our primary focus is on video shooting and editing. In today's world, dominated by social media, it is crucial for individuals and businesses to effectively showcase their activities in an appealing way to a global audience. We aim to capture the strengths of our subjects accurately and create videos that evoke emotions. We also incorporate contemporary music and styles to appeal to a wide range of generations.

    Our videos featuring college sports teams, which we have provided and shared on social media, have received high praise from team alumni. They expressed sentiments such as, "The memories of when I used to play came flooding back, and I felt so excited as if I was playing again."
  • sports &
    coaching business
    We provide SC (Strength & Conditioning) coaching to enhance the physical abilities of sports athletes. This department was initiated by Kohei Kurokawa, who spent his childhood in the United States and was greatly inspired by American sports culture. He obtained certification as an NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) coach and aims to significantly improve team performance. In addition to SC coaching, Kohei Kurokawa works as an Assistant Head Coach, particularly for college American football teams, to contribute to the team's victories.

    In recent years, Japanese sports have achieved remarkable breakthroughs on the global sports scene. This has been evidenced by the results in baseball, soccer, rugby, and the 400m relay in athletics.
    Much of this success can be attributed to theoretical and scientific training methods, and this industry is increasingly sought after in Japanese and Asian sports. We are dedicated to meeting the high-level demands of this field.

Company Profile


Registered company name Kurovision incorporated.
Management Mr. Kazuya Kurokawa  President & CEO
Headquarters 18-4 Higasimotomachi, Kita-ku
Kyoto 603-8111 JAPAN
TEL +81(0)75-708-8971
FAX +81(0)75-320-1570
office & Shop
Headquarters 18-4 Higasimotomachi, Kita-ku
Kyoto 603-8111 JAPAN
QuePasa Marutamach 241 Kamiikesucyo, Kamigyo-ku
Kyoto 602-0855 JAPAN
QuePasa Downtown 142 Ainocyo, Shimogyo-ku
Kyoto 600-8071 JAPAN
Ethnic Vegetables 5 Shimogamo Maehagicyo, Sakyo-ku
Kyoto 606-0833 JAPAN
Trader Kimuraki 5 Shimogamo Maehagicyo, Sakyo-ku
Kyoto 606-0833 JAPAN
Company profile timeline
2007 Estableshed a system solution company StilwaterSolutions, Inc. in Fremont California U.S.A by current CEO Mr. Kazuya Kurokawa.
2010 Started system consultation buisiness in Japan.
2011 Expanded business to vegetable ingredient supply to the restaulant.
2013 Establised Kurovision, Incorporated in Kyoto Japan.
2016 Opening vegetable ingredient supply base office in Kyoto
2016 Founded Que Pasa burrito by Mr. Ryota Kurokawa.
2019 Staring sports coach business by Mr. Kohei Kurokawa
2020 Second buritto restaurant Que Pasa Downtown in the center of Kyoto.
2020 Succession a small, long-standing local greengrocer that has been in business for 75 years since its establishment.
2022 Staring video contents creation business.